ULTRENE™ 99-6 DCPD containing 6% Cyclopentadiene (CPD) Trimer for applications requiring greater mechanical performance at higher temperatures.
Leading Producer and Global Supplier of Ultra-High Purity Dicyclopentadiene
Cymetech has been producing ultra-high purity DCPD products at its state-of-the-art, high capacity plant since 1996. Cymetech is the largest producer of such Dicyclopentadiene products in the U.S.
Cymetech also produces co-products such as Resin Former Prime, Resin Former and Resin Oil Heavies. These co-products are sold into the chemicals market and distributed worldwide.

Cymetech is widely recognized for unsurpassed product quality and consistency, superior customer service, and security of supply.
ULTRENE™ 99 DCPD (99% purity) for poly-DCPD and fine chemical applications.
Cymetech Corporation is a leading producer and global supplier of Ultra-High Purity Dicyclopentadiene (DCPD) products. These products are sold under the ULTRENE™ DCPD tradename and include:
ULTRENE™ 97 DCPD (97% purity) for specialty chemical applications.
ULTRENE™ 85 DCPD (85% purity) for Unsaturated Polyester Resin applications.